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While professional licensing requires us to be a law firm, nothing says we must act like a traditional billable hour based law firm. We believe in a new legal services business model, unrestrained by the billable hour. We designed a community of legal service providers (lawyers, paralegals, project managers and legal assistants) from the ground up. Our team is passionate about providing exceptional legal services in a creative environment. They are dedicated to unparalleled value, efficiency and client service. We foster an environment that aligns our goals with the needs of our clients through teamwork, continuous process improvement, alternative service models, alternative pricing and cutting edge use of technology.

Our model unshackles clients from the unnecessary costs and resistance to change inherent in many other models. Our client facing objectives include:

  • Providing industry leading legal services with unparalleled efficiency, value, cost certainty and exceptional client services.
  • A law firm culture that nurtures creativity, innovation, legal expertise and the highest level of client service.
  • Championing diversity within our culture and through our actions.
  • An enhanced legal services business model that encourages cooperation and teamwork through incentives directly aligned with clients’ goals.
  • An entrepreneurial environment that is flexible and supportive allowing our lawyers and legal services teams to excel as leaders in their chosen area of legal expertise.
  • Leveraged technology that gives clients 24-7-365 access to case information, reporting, and documents.
  • A 24-7-365 feedback loop for process improvement to continuously improve client services, matter handling, reduce litigation cycle time, and create greater cost certainty for our clients.
  • Employing non-lawyer professionals in project management (and other roles) to support the delivery of legal services – driving greater efficiency and creating cost savings for our clients.
  • Integrating with third-party service providers to reduce costs wherever their skills best serve clients’ need or at client’s request.

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