We reward our team for being responsive to clients’ needs and have a founding team that understands how to lead and motivate lawyers. We do not reward for billable hours or originations by a lawyer. In other words, we have a business model with that allows us to deliver exceptional value to clients.

We believe that saying there no minimum billable hours requirement, but internally publishing billable hours and “dollars off the desk,” is inconsistent. Our belief is that in such an environment, the internal economic focus of “rate x hours” drives behavior and service. Our drivers are service-focused. We look to ingenuity, contribution to the overall client experience, and contribution to profitability. We believe that by starting and ending with our Mission StatementCore ValuesBusiness Goals and Promises to Each Other, we are laser-focused on the right drivers of client service, efficiency and results. We do not have a minimum billable hour requirement. We do have a total minimum amount of total time we expect a full-time lawyer to devote to the practice of law and team success each year.

We do not subscribe to the notion that a business must grow or whither on the vine. Edward Abbey adeptly stated that, “growth for growth sake is the ideology of a cancer cell.” We believe that a law firm should be “right-sized” for its clients and grow only to serve its clients. In our view, neither organic growth, nor acquisitions are keys to client service. Instead, client-focused innovation, cultural alignment, and team collaboration all drive successful outcomes. We eschew being a collection of silo practices and geographic locations sharing a logo and letterhead.

Our clients evaluate their employees and outside partners on a diverse set of factors aligned with their business goals. Our founders felt that law firms must evaluate their team the same way. By breaking the traditional law firm business model, we have created an environment of quality control, where the team believes in being “excellence champions.” We find that moving away from traditional production-based rewards frees our lawyers to be more creative, more efficient and aligned with the needs of our clients. It IS that simple.

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