Lawyers have all kinds of reasons to be out of the office, and the world accepts this. But if a lawyer wants to replace office time with work at home, often people think the whole foundation of collective effort is undermined. We, however, cannot think of a profession more suited to telecommuting than the legal profession.

We believe that telecommuting results in increased productivity for lawyers. Full-time lawyers who telecommute often work more hours than full-time non-telecommuters. Because our cloud-based tools are always available, telecommuters often have a more productive week than their office-bound colleagues. We believe telecommuting also allows our team more flexibility to attend to such personal commitments as medical appointments (for themselves, their children, or their elderly parents) or for school functions. Telecommuters can keep such appointments and still put in a full day by working before and after those events. We believe that because telecommuters have more limited personal interaction with colleagues, their communication with colleagues necessarily becomes more valuable and more precise. Telecommuting also reduces the firm’s need for office space and overhead expense, which we invest in our team to ensure they continue to be available for client service.

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