We want our client community to know that when we discuss fees for service, we have taken every effort to control our costs and to manage our efficiencies. We have created a law firm designed at every step to be efficient, responsive and provide value. This is possible because we engineered an overhead expense structure that is focused on cost-reduction.

The firm utilizes innovative cloud-based technology tools, efficient office space, flexible work policies, and outsourced vendor services to significantly reduce overhead. For example, we utilize a cloud-based phone system that provides each employee a business line and extension on mobile devices. We employ a mail receipt service that scans all mail at a one location and electronically notifies lawyers and staff contemporaneously. Our paperless environment ensures efficiency, reduces mailroom overhead, and saves on space for file storage – all with a reduction in our carbon footprint. It also facilitates flexible staffing throughout our platform. We have purchased, built and deployed technology that makes intuitive decisions, creates dynamic workflows, delivers the correct task to the appropriate person, captures data, and allows for a continuous process improvement feedback loop. In our view, deployment of tech, metrics and artificial intelligence is a difference-maker for our client community.

We have looked at every step to ensure we are focused on client’s needs and allow specialists to focus on administrative issues. We realize that large IT, accounting, human resources, client relations and marketing departments rarely shrink in size, and become additional costs to manage. We also realize that these costs can cause subtle pressure on the bottom line leading to client rate increases, creating pressure on fees earners to produce more or causing pressure to prioritize client relationships. We have vetted and partnered with experienced service providers to handle many of these functions. This provides us (and our client community) with cost certainty, nimbleness, and the ability to alleviate traditional operational pressures.

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