Law office operations traditionally have a relatively large carbon footprint when compared to other office environments. Law practices consume large volumes of paper. Long hours and weekend workers increase power consumption for lighting, heating, ventilation, air conditioning and equipment.

Our carbon footprint matters to us. We strive to leave things better than we find them. From the onset, our firm has been conceived to minimize our impact on the environment. By way of example, we are entirely virtual as a firm. All of our mail goes to a single location and is scanned contemporaneously to our lawyers and staff. This means that emissions related to offsite transfer and storage of files is saved. All of our staff works from mobile devices that have a second business line and extension transfer, etc. The system is identical to a landline VOIP system in capability. However, it does not consume the additional plastic, materials and ultimately waste when replaced. Our mobile devices are kept current and recycled. Our IT environment is housed securely in the cloud. It is kept at locations that meet LEED Green certification. By not housing these items locally, we save environmentally harmful cooling, replacement and disposal.

We take seriously our commitment of corporate leadership and citizenship. In addition to supporting the businesses and local organizations in the communities where we live and work, we are dedicated to doing all we can to make sure that, as a firm, we tread as gently upon the earth as possible. As good stewards of our environment, we have implemented sustainability practices throughout our office locations to reduce paper and energy waste. Some of our sustainability efforts include:

  • Powering off of computers, printers, copier, lights and other equipment when not in use;
  • Recycled-content office supplies: stationery, business cards, copy paper, legal pads, envelopes;
  • Sponsor recycling programs for toner cartridges, glass, batteries, plastics, and metal containers;
  • Locally sourced goods and repurposed materials;
  • Client bills in PDF sent by email and electronic billing;
  • Paper independence: avoiding printing whenever possible and maintaining digital copies of client files;
  • The firm has instituted a policy of double-sided copying and printing for drafts and internal documents with a goal of ensuring that at least half of all printing and copying in each office is double-sided;
  • Dishes, flatware and mugs instead of disposable paper and plastic products;
  • Filtered water instead of plastic water bottles;
  • Utilizing Energy Star appliances, which promotes energy efficiency and conservation;
  • Electronically distribute firm communications such as client advisories, seminar notices and event invitations;
  • Email incoming faxes directly to recipients’ computer;
  • Reviewing as much as possible on the computer;
  • Offering telecommuting opportunities and flexible schedules to avoid heavy traffic commutes;
  • We encourage our team to participate in “ride your bike to work” programs, use public transportation and carpool;
  • The firm purchases computer equipment and appliances that are Energy Star compliant, meeting efficiency standards set by EPA and the U.S. Department of Energy;
  • All of the firm’s old equipment is donated for reuse or recycling.


The Firm has established a Green Team with at least one representative from each Firm office. This team structures and implements the Firm’s sustainability efforts. The Green Team includes lawyers, managers and other staff members.

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