We believe a collaborative team must respect each other and respect the team’s Core Values. We believe this is best accomplished with the following things we ask our team to promise each other:

  • To circulate materials before meetings whenever possible.
  • Provide reasonable and adequate notice of meetings.
  • To manage our schedules in order to attend important meetings.
  • To solicit input for meeting agendas and publish agendas beforehand.
  • Understanding that email is best used to transmit information not have conversations or express decision-making.
  • Not to negatively characterize team members in front of other team members.
  • Avoid presenting a “final” or “unanimous” decision without first seeking input from those affected.
  • Management will not undermine its managers by stepping in unnecessarily, micro managing or providing “special treatment”.
  • If someone raises an issue concerning another person or another person’s decision, the first question they should be asked is whether they attempted to discuss the issue with the person.
  • To keep minutes of management meetings.
  • To value all levels of contribution in all forms.
  • Not visiting or marketing a client without coordination with others who have a relationship with the client.
  • Not to use Core Values, Business Goals, or our Promises to Each Other as a sword and a shield.
  • To take measures to make people feel safe and valued.
  • To coordinate with other team members.
  • To stand behind those who we ask to sacrifice for the betterment of the team (and their families).
  • Expecting a reasonable contribution of 2400 total hours to the firm per year from each lawyer.
  • To acknowledge that work and the practice of law is stressful and we must do all we can reasonably do to reduce this stress on each other.
  • To trust our colleagues and reasonably give them the benefit of the doubt as we would a family member.
  • Remove emotion from decision-making.
  • To check ego at the door.
  • To nurture creativity, entrepreneurial, spirit, self-motivation and passion in each other.
  • To encourage and reward delegation.
  • To ensure written terms of engagement and proactively manage retainers.
  • To work as a team and timely return invoices and collect accounts receivable.
  • Not to deal in guilt, shame or blame.
  • Not to litigate against our colleagues, build a case or take their deposition.
  • It is ok to ask for help, a resource or assistance. No one will judge the request or view it negatively.
  • We are on time for meetings and strive not to adjourn them once scheduled due to one or two person’s unavailability.
  • We have a zero tolerance for bullies and abuse of power.
  • To not abuse benefits, vacation, leave or other personal time.
  • If we make a mistake, we acknowledge it and continually improve.
  • We do not surprise our colleagues with information, analysis, reports or difficult discussions.
  • If a difficult issue arises, we deal with it openly, honestly and immediately.
  • To be mindful that how we talk about others in someone’s presence may be perceived as how we talk about that person outside his or her presence.
  • We will be professional when we receive disappointing news, information or constructive feedback.
  • We do not track originations or cultivations by individual lawyers. We acknowledge shared origination and recognize the collaborative effort and mutually supportive environment.
  • To work together to find opportunity out of adversity.
  • To grow at a pace that is consensual and allows work-life balance for all team members.
  • To empower others and share information they need to service our clients.
  • To convey clear expectations.

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