Flexibility in work schedule is a win-win scenario. Our team is our main asset. Motivating and enabling our team to work more efficiently and effectively is thus a key objective. In a firm such as ours, unpredictability of workload can make flexible working more difficult to accommodate – but not impossible. Where there is clear communication between colleagues about their working arrangements and expectations, there are enormous benefits to both the firm and its team members in a flexible work schedule.

Common types of flexible working at our firm include:

  • Lessoned percentage of annualized hours on a permanent basis;
  • Job sharing;
  • Part-time;
  • Working less or more than the normal hours, perhaps by working a four day week;
  • Staggered hours — shifting hours of work to earlier or later in the day or breaking up the day;
  • Lessoned percentage of hours after leave on a temporary basis.

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