We believe that once the goal of diversity is embedded in the fabric of a firm, it becomes a self-fulfilling prophecy. This is why our partnership agreement speaks to diversity and provides mechanisms to makes goals reality. We believe that diverse legal teams prove their high performance and results over more homogenous teams.

We have designed our firm to be a reflection of our society, including promoting individuals to leadership positions regardless of race, religion or orientation.

Maintaining and expanding the diversity of the our team is a central tenet of the firm and is achieved through:

  • Training and compliance — We regularly communicate rationale and values on diversity and inclusion to all team members. Compliance is a condition of being a team member.
  • Recruitment — We actively recruit diverse team members.
  • Retention — We maintain an effective orientation program and mentoring practices for all new team members.
  • Work Assignments — We ensure all team members receive challenging work assignments and that all lawyers receive client exposure opportunities consistent with their demonstrated skill and ability.
  • Firm Leadership — We seek to include diverse leaders in firm leadership and management.
  • Budgeting — We allocates funds for diversity-related events.

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