Our team is committed to giving back. Our employees organize firm sponsored fundraisers and challenges for various charities. We have fun with it and invest in events that bring the team together for these events and endeavors. Several team members volunteer with various local and national charities. Others serve on charitable boards of directors. We believe charity starts at home, and give special consideration and focus to charities that have a direct or indirect benefit to our team and their family members. Our partnership agreement sets out that a specific amount of profit be allocated to charitable endeavors. To encourage volunteerism, after a team member has given 20 hours of service to a charity in a year, the firm donates $250 to that charity. After 40 hours, the firm donates $500. The firm has a donation matching policy applicable to team members who have been employed 18 months. This match also applies to fundraising efforts. For example, if a team member has secured several sponsors for a volunteer walk, then the firm’s matching policy will apply. We also have a grant program that team members may apply to for additional charitable efforts.

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