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Image of Guy L. Amisano Jr.
Guy L. Amisano Jr.


Guy’s practice focuses on business and transactional services. He offers outside general counsel services for businesses who are not ready to hire a full-time lawyer. His extensive experience includes representing a software company, as general counsel, where he found an immature internal legal program and guided it to maturity. In doing this, Guy gained skills in diverse areas of rendering high-level, strategic advice to the C-suite for sales and policy development, as well as doing the “dirty work” of drafting and negotiating contracts and assisting the team with day-to-day policy administration. In fact, being involved in both areas gave Guy a well-rounded understanding of the business, bringing strategic considerations into day-to-day matters and bringing nuts-and-bolts understanding into strategic discussions. Guy can meet with a client to understand its business model, draft corresponding contract templates, provide instructions on how to use the templates and how to administer contracts once signed, and provide fundamental training to staff.

Guy is considered a go-to resource for day-to-day contract negotiation and policy administration.  This is particularly valuable when Guy has previously guided the client through the process of establishing templates and policies. The sustained experience gives him a greater understanding of the client’s business than other attorneys can offer.

In his spare time, Guy enjoys walking, picnicking on a scenic overlook, and spending time with family and friends.