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Image of David A. Hawkins
David A. Hawkins


With thirty-plus years legal experience, Dave’s practice focuses primarily in insurance coverage, reinsurance, motor carrier regulation and construction defect-related claims. Additionally, his experience from a first career driving truck and motorcoach provide invaluable insight into transportation-related matters. Dave applies his prior in-house experience by serving as National Coordinating Counsel on a large claims portfolio — directing complex strategy and opining on the intricacies of claims’ defense as well as coverage. Dave is also veteran of inward and outward risk shifting — be it by additional insured status, contractual reimbursement, or otherwise.

As lover of all things insurance-related, Dave carries a deep understanding of most insurance lines spanning from primary to excess to reinsurance. The subtleties and nuances of various forms and editions are keenly familiar to him. Dave has opined or participated in coverage matters in most every state. As such, he appreciates that coverage analysis often requires understanding the jurisdiction’s overall attitude or sway on certain issues. In the regard, he prides himself in keeping attune to jurisdictional “danger zones”.

Dave knows that complex multi-jurisdictional litigation also requires counsel who appreciates the value of teamwork and cooperation. Having worked in-house for so many years, he understands the importance of value commensurate with counsel’s efforts. Accordingly, he remains vigilant of appropriate billing practices and providing value. He recognizes the value of early claims resolution and is not afraid to go “outside the box” to resolve a matter. On the other hand, he can be tenacious and resolute in reigning in unreasonable expectations; thereby promoting closure of matters.

Dave and his family live on a small acreage in Nebraska which allows plenty of space for a large garden with free-ranging chickens, ducks, and turkeys. During his free time, you will frequently find him “elbows deep” in grease “fixing up” vintage autos.