If you want to be part of our team, you should expect: 

  • Immediate responsibility and client interaction;
  • Court room experience from day one;
  • Taking depositions, arguing motions and appeals;
  • Competing with adversaries, not other firm lawyers;
  • Resources and training;
  • Encouragement and mentoring on building your profile and marketing your practice;
  • Being part of continuity planning;
  • Firm events that help form bonds and break down barriers that exist at most traditional firms, such as hiking, biking, etc.;
  • A firm with a flexible partner track. You are a partner when it benefits both you and the firm to have you as a partner. There are no set numbers of years or amount of business. There is no one set standard;
  • Encouragement for Pro Bono work and charitable giving;
  • An environment that empowers women;
  • A place where diversity is a fact, not a goal;
  • A firm constantly looking at ways to decrease its carbon footprint
  • A team that seeks and values your input
  • Opportunity to advance.

If you’re interested in becoming part of a truly collaborative team consistent with our Mission, Core Value, Business Goals, and Promises to Each Other, then your journey begins here. Please visit the Gerber Ciano Career Portal or contact us at careers@gerberciano.com.

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